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Starting TV Program Simpallagi English on Suvarna TV from 1st, April 2013 (Monday to Friday) at 12:30pm
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Prakruthi N. Banwasi's English Classes took its fontal footsteps 18 years ago on 13th of July and is now a renowned conversational language institute. 100% Guaranteed Group and Individual Courses that help Jobseekers, Housewives, Businessmen, Students, Employees, Celebrities, elders, etc., to Improve Basic, Advanced and Professional Communicative English within 4 months are conducted here. Prakruthi N. Banwasi’s English Classes is the only institute in India where Conversational English Classes are conducted throughout the day in Batches from 7am to 8:30pm (A1 7am, B2 8:30am, C3 10am, D4 11:30am, E5 1pm, F6 2:30pm, G7 4pm, H8 5:30pm, I9: 7 to 8:30 pm) using Prakruthi N. Banwasi’s unique, easy and effective coaching method. Please contact Prakruthi N. Banwasi 9900240099 for further details. Call now and avail a 50% Off Anniversary Offer.

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Contact Prakruthi N. Banwasi on 9900240099 for personalized classes, one day Seminars on Communication Enhancement Modules, Corporate Classes, Books and DVD's (Contact Prakruthi N. Banwasi on 9900240099) and for classes at Jayanagar, Malleswaram & Chamarajpet.

Please remit Rs.7,000 for DVDs (90 Lessons of Basic, Advanced and Professional English taught through Kannada in each set of DVDs) and Rs.550 for books to Prakruthi N.Banwasi's English Classes. KARNATAKA.BANK, CURRENT ACCOUNT no: 0552000100023801. IFCS Code: KARB0000055.

About me

Prakruthi graduated from the National Law School of India University and has essayed the role of a teacher, an author, a journalist, a compere, an honorary police officer.


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Promoting safe riding and caring on a campaign against rash and negligent riding.

N. C. Banwasi and Usha Banwasi

I dedicate every breath of my life and my every
success to my parents
who live with me in spirit now...


Here are books authored by Prakruthi N. Banwasi which are popular among people of all walks of life.


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Today lies in your hands… Waiting to give in to your demands Ask for the world and no less… Befitting the talents you possess!

Eve Teasing Evils

No girl has been spared from being a victim of eve teasing.

Short Stories

They all watched helplessly… as the rude awakening to a tranquil dawn resulted from the incessant...

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X Starting TV Program Simpallagi English on Suvarna TV from Today  
(Monday to Friday) at 12:30pm 
Do watch on TV, yupptv.com Or YouTube or on Tatasky 818 when able...