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Today lies in your hands…

Waiting to give in to your demands

Ask for the world and no less…
Befitting the talents you possess!



Maine har gam khushi mein dhaara hai…
Mera har ik chalan niraala hai!
Log jin haadson pe marte hai…
Mujko un haadson ne paala hai*!

Each sorrow with happy eyes I see…
Each attribute of mine different be,
Paths that claim the lives of others…
Are the ones that breathe life in me…

Zar kuch aur tarasho apne is kad ko…
Bahut neeche hai yahanki oonchaiyaan*

These heights of society – check, think & recall…
For every step of greatness the more you fall!

Dhoop me niklo
Ghataon main nahakar dekho…
Zindagi kya hai,
Kitabon ko hatakar dekho*

In the sun - come and thrive…
It’s when in the rain - you bask
Life’s meaning you will derive…
When queries, beyond books, you ask!

Na jaane kitne udaan baaki hai
Parinde mein abh bhi jaan baaki hai

Jitni batni thi bat chuki yeh zameen
Ab to sirf aasmaan baaki hai *

Lack of exercise is a disease!

As a rule one has to respect their parents and not as an exception!

Be Yourself! Believe in Yourself!*

Guts is what glory is all about!

Everybody dies – but not everyone lives!*


*The bits marked thus are not my words but mirror my thoughts

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