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Congratulations Prakruthi and yogita

Bombay to Bangalore in 11 Hrs 46 mins

   Promoting safe riding and caring on a campaign against rash and negligent riding they have set many records together. They promote the concept that one can ride fast and still be safe and while one is riding slow one can still be rash so always have safety first adventure -next! He rode from Mumbai to Bangalore (1023 km) 7 times. His best attempt of 11 Hrs 46 mins becoming a national speed record and was received by Dr. Rajkumar



Kilometer       Rest Reading



25th March 1997

Blr - Bom

   28 Hrs       11.5 Hrs

Halt in Rannebennur


2nd April 1997

Bom - Blr

 16.5 Hrs            3 Hrs

Halt in Hubli (1 hour)


13th June 1998

Blr - Bom

12.45 Hrs      1.30 Hrs

Justice Shri Krishna


13th May 1999

Blr - Bom

12.30 Hrs      1.15 Hrs

Suresh Heblikar


29th July 2000

Blr - Goa

 8.30 Hrs        30 mins

709 km - Open Throttle


31st July 2000

Goa - Bom

 8.15 Hrs       1 Day

Halt at Salegaon


10th Nov 2000

Blr - Bom

12.30 Hrs      1 Day

Halt in Hubli


 7th Dec 2000

Blr - Bom

11.46 Hrs      1 Hour

Dr. Rajkumar




Congratulations Prakruthi and yogita

Apache Indian Trail Blaze

Prakruthi N. Banwasi is all set to carve a trail all over India by connecting the capitals of all the 28 States and 5 Union Territories accessible by road in the ‘The Great Indian Trail Blaze’ spanning 18,000 km in a record time of 30 days on a TVS Apache.

Prakruthi has registered a claim for The Great Indian Trail Blaze as an All India Bike Expedition in The Limca Book of Records and under the guidance of Ms. Vijaya Ghose, the Editor of the The Limca Book of Records, he has interacted with Ms. Amreen Toor, Assistant Editor, who has provided the guidelines that will include the same as a record in their forthcoming edition if completed according to the provided stipulations.

A unique aspect of the ride is that a GPS device fitted in the bike (possible courtesy Heterogeneous Communications Technologies Pvt Ltd.,) will provide current location of the rider in real time, along with all the earlier locations of the rider at any time during the entire ride covered time and the same can be checked by anyone around the world with access codes

It all began when TVS dealers (Zen Motors) Praneeth and Murthy evinced interest to meet the boy who had covered Bombay Bangalore in 16.5 Hours. Prakruthi met them and was pleasantly surprised when they offered to give him all backing to try and achieve the same within 12 hours.

True to their word Praneeth and Murthy went out of their way to give Prakruthi a bike to ride in a month before his every attempt and after he practiced well on the bike, they serviced the bike for him and encouraged him to speed to Bombay.

TVS Motor Co., which has revolutionized the two wheeler market in India gave Prakruthi a TVS Fiero in June 2000. A day after which, he drove the brand new bike and covered Goa from Bangalore (709 kms) in 8 hours 30 minutes. The next day he went from Goa to Mumbai (624 kms) in 8 hours and also went from Mumbai to Bangalore (1023 kms) in 12 hours as a practice ride in November 2002.

Prakruthi, the law graduate from National Law School of India University is not unknown to bikers or biking enthusiasts. His trademark inter-city speed riding attempts have made headlines many times over. He rode from Bangalore to Mumbai (1023 kms) seven times on a two stroke bike clocking 28 hrs, 16.5 hrs, 13.5 hrs, and further timed 12.45 hours, 12.30 hours and 12.30 hours on a Suzuki Shaolin. Each year bettering his previous timing and finally clocking 11 hours 46 minutes.

The acid test was on the 7th of December 2000 when John Abraham flagged Prakruthi in Dadar, Mumbai and he clocked 11 hours 46 minutes from Mumbai to Bangalore, covering 1023 kms in a riding time of 10 hours 46 minutes (averaging an astounding 97.8 kms per hour) on Indian roads. Padmabhushana Dr. Rajkumar received Prakruthi on his arrival. He was released by Veerappan just a few days before this event.

In the record breaking ride he rode at a constant speed of 100 plus km per hour and averaged 97.8 kms plus per hour. Prakruthi took four breaks en route, for refueling. It is extremely taxing for a biker to ride at a speed of 100 plus for 12 hrs at a stretch but Prakruthi is a slave to the drive of passion. He proved that Bangalore to Bombay in half a day is possible on a bike.

The trademark enthusiasm and over-confidence that Prakruthi bubbles with worked wonders. He overcomes the highway traffic, wind drafts, flying gravel, ghat sections and dared the freezing December morning and the heat on the Karad - Belgaum - Hubli stretch in the afternoon to reach his destination in this record time.

His next venture ‘The Karnataka Trail’ was flagged off by Shri. Anil Kumble Prakruthi, accompanied by a navigator finished 3181.2 kms in 5.5 days. He covered all the 28 District Headquarters of the State in 5.5 days

He then undertook another expedition in the form of ‘The South India Trail’ flagged off by the (then) Commissioner of Police, Shri. H. T. Sangliana. On this venture his fiancé Ms. Yogita Madhu, an avid adventurer, ably essayed the role of his navigator. She took care of the proper documentation of the ride and assisted in the complicated map reading, route management and authentication formalities. She is now married to him.

‘The South India Trail’ venture covered 5133 kms in 12 days. This was the first time such an attempt had been made in the history of India. The media was kind enough to give due prominence to all these three rides and portray the same extensively.

Prakruthi is a teacher and started 'Prakruthi N. Banwasi’s English Classes’ 13 years ago, it has four branches in Bangalore and his TV programs on English Coaching have gained a favorable response. He has worked as a freelance journalist and his weekly column on communication appears every thursday in ‘Vijaya Karnataka’, Karnataka’s prominent Kannada newspaper.

He was working with the police in the capacity of a Honorary Special Police Officer and has brought 500 plus eve-teasers to book. He is currently working on the official biography of Dr. Rajkumar. Apart from this, he has anchored many shows and written many books, his book “Prakruthi N. Banwasi’s Beginner’s to Best English’ is currently being reproduced in its 19th edition.

The supreme combination of a man driven by the spirit of adventure and a machine that does not give up is sure to easily accomplish a task that is not in the reach of other mortals. With this same spirit he has taken upon himself the seemingly impossible challenge of riding through the capitals of each of the 28 States and 5 Union territories in India in 30 days.

The TVS Apache, the powerful motorcycle has many credits to itself. Along with the honor of being ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction in the TNS MTCS Study ’06 (as published by Autocar), it also won Overdrive, Autocar and BS Motoring’s prestigious Bike of the Year ’06 and went on to win BBC Top Gear Best Design of the year ’06.

As a rule Prakruthi does not modify the bike which he uses for any of his rides as he feels that every ride of his should prove inspirational to the common man who should be encouraged to ride on his bike as it is from one city to another. He uses a stock bike for all his rides and believes that all TVS bikes are ready for any adventure without prior notice as they too, like him, have the inherent endurance to set off on any journey in a moment’s notice.

The greatest aspect of TVS Apache according to Prakruthi is its excellent allowance for maneuverability. Its unique 5th gear is a dream combination for Prakruthi who was enthralled by a similar provision of 5 gears in Shaolin. This feature added to its powerful engine and streamlined design will make Prakruthi enjoy every single kilometer on the bike.

Apache Indian Trail Blaze is sure to be imprinted in the minds of all bike lovers for generations to come.

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