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Courses Offered

Group and individual classes

are being held for students, housewives, businessmen, job seekers, employees and retired elders who wish to equip themselves with English to face the world today. Batches start from 7 a.m. in all these three centers and are conducted till 8:30 p.m. in durations of 1 Hr or 1and1/2 hrs.

Teachers He is ably aided by many teachers who have employed his unique method and assist him to train innumerable people to speak, listen to, read and write English better. Some of the many teachers who are working with him are:
Mr. Devadatta
Mr. Vikram
Mr. Gurupada
Mrs. Vasanthi Rao
Mr. Venkatesh
Mr. Shankar Rao
Ms.Shubha Prabhakar
Ms. Veena. G

The key to aiding people to improve their grip over the English language is to first build their confidence and then orient them to a method that will ensure that they eliminate mistakes and make short, simple sentences in English without making mistakes. This will increase their will to learn better English and they will be on the path to progress without putting much effort.

The summer camp

for showing definite improvement in grammatical and spoken English for School Children Prakruthi N. Banwasi aided by his able teachers aims to improve the overall confidence of the child while conversing in English and also enabling the child to gain all the marks alloted for grammar in all the exams in school.

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