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A Simple Guide To Proper English Usage

Banwasiya Bashaloka

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Here are books authored by Prakruthi N. Banwasi which are popular among people of all walks of life.


is a collection of 75 reflections on various aspects of life mirroring small yet significant shades of life. Ranging from… Thank God I’m an atheist!

The Women – Liberated?

Egoism – ‘I’ of the storm!

A Simple Guide To Proper English Usage

The title of this book explains it all… The skeletal framework of all the following books on English Usage saw effective usage definitions for grasping beginner’s English and had every paragraph beautifully translated by Shri. Mathighatta Krishnamurthy, my maternal grandfather to reach out to every kannadiga who wished to acquire the nececessary skills of conversational English… a mere 76 pages This book was released by Dr. C. N. Mangala (Che Naa Mangala ma’am) whose memories are etched forever in me… in 1996 at Y M C A Hall with Secretary Prasanna Kumar playing the part of a perfect host by co-ordinating the whole show. Printed 5 editions (2000 copies). Banwasiya Bashaloka - Usage English After the recognition acquired by Udaya TV’s program ‘Bashaloka’ the earlier book ‘A Simple Guide To Proper English Usage’ was enhanced and released as the 6th edition. 5000 copies were sold out within 45 days and the next two editions print sold another 5000 each.

Prakruthi N. Banwasi’s Beginner’s To Best English

Prakruthi N. Banwasiya Bashaloka

The Brats of Kalasapura Their book of children’s stories ‘The Brats of Kalasapura’ was released by the Governor Sri. T. N. Chaturvedi in 2004.

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